Asthma, the selfcare disease

The Asthma Project aims to limit problems for children with asthma, ensuring normal health and growth. For this purpose detailed instructional videos are being made for different groups, as ways of treatment differ with age. The videos provide the minimal, necessary instructions to prevent children from having asthma attacks.
These films follow international asthma guidelines, they are produced independent from pharmaceutical industries, and are free of charge.
The videos are available in five languages: Dutch (the primary language), English, Turkish, Berber and Moroccan-Arabic.
There is one specific age category per film, so the information in each video is effective.
In the film aimed at 3 – 5 year olds we address the information to the caregivers. The film aimed at 6 – 12 years of age is geared more to the child rather than to the parents. In the case of adolescents, wider needs are considered. In each age group, the information provided is psychologically specific.

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What is the Asthma Project?

Asthma is a frequently encountered disorder of airways in the lungs. By correct use of medication most  children need not suffer from it. Nevertheless, many children have asthma attacks annually, which can result in admission to a hospital. Such attacks are unpleasant and can lead to permanent damage to the lungs. Every untreated attack worsens the asthma, creating the risk of more attacks. It is important to prevent this sequence as early as possible.

Results of prevention, and treatment depend on correctly inhaling the right medication. This requires precision. Proper information in this respect is very important. The medication must always  be taken, even when the patient is not short of breath. Inhalation skills wane with time and must be maintained by checking and re-education if necessary.  
It is difficult to give detailed information to people who do not understand your language properly. The Asthma Project aims to provide practical and specific information to people in their own language in a simple and understandable way, and to be easily and at all times available for reference whenever needed.

The starting point for the Asthma Project is to distribute the videos as far and wide as possible, in as many ways as possible; for example, on DVDs in outpatients’ departments, but in particular, via the Internet.

The videos can be viewed on the Internet, but can also be downloaded to your own computer. In addition there is a version available for mobile phones.
Place a link  to the videos on your own website, or, better still, place them on your own website.
Make website administrators aware of the videos and the objective of the project. Spread information about the project in newsletters or in other forms of communication that go out to parents or medical professionals.

If you want to make a version in your own language, please contact us.



The Asthma Project is based on the latest medical developments. The videos are made entirely independently of the pharmaceutical industry.
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