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The video ASTMA medication age 6 to 12 is intended for children between 6 and 12 and their parents. If you have asthma, that does not necessarily mean you are often ill means and can't join in sports and games. You don't have to suffer with your asthma if you inhale your medicines regularly and correctly.

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If it takes a while for the video to start playing, probably your internet connection is slow. In that case you can download the video here to play it directly from your own computer. If you want to put the video on your own website, then you can find the information you need here. You can also order the film in all five languages on DVD or Blu-ray disk. The DVD costs 20,-- euro and the Blu-ray costs 30,-- (incl. postage).


The video ASTHMA Medication age 6 to 12 was made by the foundation In4all under the supervision of Marja Schavemaker and Rupino Griffioen.

Compilation and production: Diego Pos
Video & webdesign:RAV Animated Visuals
Musical advisor: Rick Treffers